Sometimes it is fun to get creative with a project not initially planned for the real world. I often get asked to help friends with their university projects and I find it so interesting to see the ideas that people come up with. RunBox was no different.

All brands need a logo and this project was predominantly based around the creation of a logo to help with the assignment of building a business ready for market. We looked at a few ideas but the logo had to be simple with a nice natural colour scheme. The green and blue tones compliment each other very well and I have enjoyed using these tones a lot recently in design projects I have been working on including this one.

The idea for this project was that runners would subscribe to RunBox and in return receive a box monthly full of running goodies including muscle gels, nutritional bars, socks and anything else running related. So we had to design a mock up of the box this would come in.

This brand has so much potential to work and I was so pleased with the final outcome of this project.

As this is not a customer job, I didn’t feel right putting this onto our portfolio page but hope on my blog, It shows enough about what we can do!